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I am a mother who has to work. I have two children, a girl aged 11 who has just moved to senior school and a boy aged 8. My son has ADD with Dyspraxic tendencies which means he can't kick a football, read a white board or do an awful lot of things without people either taking the micky out of him or getting into trouble at school. It is not unknown for Dyspraxic kids to leave school without being able to read or wite - he can do both but its a long hard slog. I also have one cat - McCavity who thinks he is a dog,

I work 4 days a week as a Occupational Health Administrator and have too may hobbies to do them properly.

My main interests revolve around my family. I can follow a recipe really well but am crap at making things up in the kitchen. If I can find the time I like to do craft type things - lace making, card making, quilling, scrap booking. I also like taking photos and consider it a personal triumph when I don't cut peoples heads off.

I am developing an interest in decorating (well its if I don't do it, it won't get done) and gardening. I really don't see the fascination but I admit to liking my garden looking good.